Buying or Renting Instruments

Why Buy or Rent an Instrument?

While borrowing an instrument from the school is possible for some, it's not possible for all students to borrow school instruments. We don't have an unlimited supply of instruments, so some students will need to buy or rent instruments so that others can have the opportunity to play in band. We are always looking for donations (see link below) of gently used, working instruments or monetary donations so we can purchase new instruments and repair old ones. 

Click here for more information about instrument donations

Buying New

If you're wanting to buy new, that's great! There are affordable options for all levels. You can start with beginner or student models or you can look for intermediate models. Before buying a new instrument, I would highly suggest talking to  your band director or even a private instructor on your instrument. They can have very insightful information that you might not be thinking about. 

You can talk to The Music Connection in Chico, CA about rent-to-buy options or buying new from them. 

WoodwindBrasswind is a company that sells great instruments. 

Amazon will also have many options to choose from. 

Buying Used

There are many used instruments that are for sale on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, in pawnshops, garage sales, or thrift stores. When looking at used instruments, contact your band director or a private instructor to help you out. You'll want to find a good model and one that is in good working condition. Some private teachers will know of instruments for sale. Some music stores will also have used instruments for sale. Music stores will sometimes also have rent-to-buy programs for their instruments where you can pay it off over a longer period of time. 


If you're unable to buy an instrument at this time, that's okay! There are many music stores locally that will rent instruments to students for reasonable prices. As mentioned above, sometimes they also offer rent-to-buy options. Music stores will often have good instruments and make sure they're in working condition before renting it to you. 

The Music Connection in Chico, CA offers instrument rentals for affordable prices. Instead of buying a new instrument, you can simply rent one for a short period of time to try it out. Click on the link below to find prices for renting instruments from The Music Connection. You may want to call to verify - (530) 898-0110

The Music Connection Rental Prices

Contact Mr. Jacobsen

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I'm happy to help anyone with finding the right instrument.