About the Flute

Yamaha Flute Guide


  1. Check that the barrels (parts that slide in together) are clean. Wipe gently with a soft, clean cloth if necessary.

  2. Gently twist the foot joint on to the main body of the flute being careful not to grip rods to avoid bending them.

  3. Align foot joint key rod, so that it lines up with the center of the keys on the main body of flute.

  4. Gently twist head joint to body.

  5. Lastly, align the embouchure hole with the keys on the main body.


  1. Disassemble in reverse order of assembly.

  2. Use a cleaning rod covered with a soft cloth to dry the inside of the instrument.

  3. Wipe off the outside with a soft, dry cloth.

  4. Carefully place the instrument in the case and close all the latches.

Equipment Needed

  • A soft, clean, dry cloth and rod in the case for drying and cleaning the inside of the flute

  • A second soft, clean and dry cloth to wipe off the outside of the flute, it gets greasy because of the natural oils on our hands

  • Mouthpiece disinfectant (optional)

Buying (or Renting) a Flute

Buying a Flute

Buying your student an instrument is the best way to get them involved in the school band program. There are many options and instruments can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Make sure you look at user reviews and find an instrument that will work well. Spending extra money on better quality now will prevent you from spending hundreds on repairs later. Below are a couple of good resources for finding instruments. Please contact the band director to make sure the instrument you purchase is the right model and a good fit.

Renting a Flute

If you are unable to purchase an instrument, local music stores normally have some that you can rent. There's normally a monthly rental fee of $25 - $35 (or more). You will want to contact multiple music stores to see if they have any available. Please contact the band director if you have questions. Below are links to some local music stores.

Borrowing Instruments from School

Gridley Unified School District has a select number of instruments that can be loaned to students. Normally these instruments have been donated or well used by previous students. There is a limited number available. When students first start on their instrument, it is normal for them to borrow from the school; however, after 1 year the school hopes that students will be able to rent or buy their own instrument so that incoming students will be able to play on school instruments. The holiday season (November and December) is a great time to buy an instrument - especially if there are holiday sales. Please contact the band director if you have questions.