GHS Drama

This recording cannot be distributed for any reason except for personal, at-home use. Participants in the production or their families may download and save this recording for their own personal, at-home use. Thank you and great job to everyone who helped put this show on! 

GHS Theater - The Little Mermaid.mp4


Alexia Venegas - Ursula

Alexis Maldonado - Jetsam

Alicia Torres - Flotsam

Audrey Johnson - Flounder

Brooklyn Barnette - Scuttle

Deana Watson - Chef

Greyson Sannar - King Triton

Hope Gallagher - Mersister/Princess, Pilot

Isabella Alcantar - Carlotta, Mersister

Jasmine Johnson - Mersister/Princess

Jordyn Rickertsen - Grimsby

Kaiza Quist - Mersister/Princess

Lilly Morgan - Sebastian

Marc Emmick - Prince Eric

Mckenna Swanson - Ariel

Performance Dates

Thursday, March 10th 2022

Friday, March 11th 2022

Saturday, March 12th 2022